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Q1. We have a new building in the planning process that requires a gondola, what should we do now?

A1. Your architect will start with the preliminary design of the location and type of the gondola system to be employed, once a preliminary design has been completed, it is advised that the architect to contact us to discuss and fine tune the design and specifications in order to minimize variation orders and cost

Q2. What type of gondola do you have?

A2. Our products ranges from very simply pole/cradle system to telescopic trolley/cradle system as well as custom designed gondola system to meet your needs. Please contact us for details.

Q3. What do I have to provide to you to help you design a gondola system that is most feasible and economical?

A3. Basically we need floor plans, elevations, sections preferably in AutoCad format that the gondola system is required to provide access to and what are required to be carried by the gondola system. We can provide design and specifications once we obtain the drawings.

Q4. What does the equipment need to carry?

A4. Usually two person in a cradle with cleaning tools and two buckets of water. The Safe Working Load (SWL) for such arrangement is about 250 to 300kg.
In many case, heavier SWL is needed if the gondola has to carry a curtain wall panel for curtain wall repair, we will provide specialized design to meet the requirement.

Q5. My building has some projections, how would you design a system that can provide access to the glazing panels?

A5. We have specialized butterfly cradle system that can solve this problem.

Q6. Why should we employ gondola system from UK? Are there any other options?

A6. There are local systems but we believe our UK made system are superior in quality and reliability, we meet both EN and BS requirements. The Facade Hoists products have been installed in Australia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, China, Europe, Russia and the Middle East and having 30 years of experience, we are proud of our products.

Q7. Why are systems more expensive than others?

A7. There are different product manufacturing origins, when you are comparing different systems, make sure you are comparing with similar origins, experience, functionality, quality and reliability. Once you factor in the variables, you will find our systems are very competitive indeed.