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For buildings less than 120 metres high a custom built 2 man power cradle system offers a fast versatile unit for the task. The cradle is constructed from fully welded mild steel sections, hot dip galvanised after manufacture. Aluminium alloy cladding is fitted to the outside of the cradle to give a good appearance and protection for the operator.

At each end of the cradle are power operated climbing winches which are push button operated and incorporate comprehensive safety devices. Manual operation can be accomplished in the event of a breakdown or power failure. A secondary safety wire is provided at each end of the cradle. Spare wire for the winch and secondary safety wire is collected on a realer integrally built in the cradle. The whole unit can be manoeuvred at ground level via the wheel units attached to the bottom of the cradle. Additional features i.e. extra buffering perforated cladding, warning alarms and paint finishes can be added to the cradle.